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Let bring this home before non referral withdrawal

Vote and send your prove here in the comment section or send it to your vendor on WhatsApp 1. Click on this

2. Click πŸ‘‡ https://tecnocamission.com/board.php?search=Oyeleke%20Iseoluwa

3. Scroll down πŸ‘‡ Tap the Vote icon βœ… on Stand OU

I believe we can win this, someone has 1k votes already let do the Mogulians

It takes you less than a minute to do the task.

Let help Oyeleke win this

#Viral_post #Chatmogul

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  1. Pls anyboby with recipient name nnenna, who I transferred #5000 to pls it’s a mistake, kindly return, and God will bless you. This my hard earned Mog pls

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