Viral Post For May 18th

We tired our best again.

Almost 900,000k was been paid out for non referral.

A single withdrawal, I doubt if any other site does this if it not chatmogul it can be chatmogul.

No matter how monkey jump it can be like bamboon.

They can copy us but can never ever deliver 10% of what we are doing in this space.

Over 17 months in business and still rolling.

It either you join now when it is still cheap.

We have create a lot of millionaires and we will definitely create more.


1.Filling Incorrect amount of mog and m points
2.Wrong bank account detail
3. Viral post
3. No M points
4. Low earnings we start from the highest to the lowest till the revenue got exhausted
5. Long time inactivness
Trend post

Conversion to Data and Airtime is coming up on 21st Don’t miss it.

Make sure you share Viral post correctly.

You can share now share trend post to your active facebook group, twitter, telegram etc

If you join now, You save money and starting early

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You can confirm, Download the list of last non referral payment


       VISION 2030

78 thoughts on “Viral Post For May 18th

  1. Good morning my sister and my brother I don’t know how this thing all about but it is what I can say is the chatmogul is going good hes giving me income every day

  2. LiveLong Chartmogul.. U re really inspirational and re designed to transform peoples live… Vision 2030 we move

  3. I got my first payment from Chartmogul.. Nd I think it ia 100% legit and am looking forward to more payment.. Vision 2030 we move

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