Viral Post For August 5th

Please note.

Then don’t expect things to be same after the increment.

We have been offering mouth watering value since we started even with as little as 1700 then in 2019

Two years in business is not a joke.

We have been paying since 2019 and we still dey

Of course many try to copy but they can’t even paste it.

If I said I should count numbers of platform that has shut down since we started and even after I’m very sure I will loss count.

They rush in and of course they rush out.

We don’t have 100k members yet but the quality should be compared to none.

Good Direction is always better than speed.

We are not here to make quick money.

We are here to create business that will last century.

Even with us not making profit we keep building.

Our goal, ambition is the main focus.

We are going nowhere yet

We pay over 3 million naira weekly

We are well registered with EFCC and Federal Govt.

1̶7̶0̶0̶ 1̶8̶0̶0̶ 2̶0̶0̶0̶ 2500(soon)

You can save money by registering right now 👇

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465 thoughts on “Viral Post For August 5th

    1. Please help since have join this platform have not cash out and i have like 17mog please what can I do

  1. 2 days to go before the increment comes into effect, what are you still waiting for? Register your friends and families now!!!

  2. Guys good afternoon, how do I view my mpoints? I ma finding it difficult 🙏🙏someone should please help me.

  3. I have bought coupon code twice now, my downline i registered is not approved and my upline who sold the code to me did nothing about it, pls need solution to this

  4. Please i am waiting for Confirmation Code since morning ooo and i don’t hear anything from the Vendor received #2,000 from New member.

  5. Everyone out there that have not joined Chatmogul you guys are missing like seriously. Just do that fast and be part of us all. God bless Chatmogul

    1. I am part of it since, no alert or withdrawal up till now, I am even imagining if this is real am tired.